Adcote School recognises the importance of providing opportunities for pupils with gifts and talents in all aspects of School life.

We believe that gifted and able pupils are those who demonstrate an ability to achieve levels of performance which are significantly higher than average for their year group in one or more areas of learning:

  • Physical talent
  • Artistic talent
  • Mechanical ingenuity
  • Leadership
  • High intelligence
  • Creativity

We try to have the widest possible view of ability and believe that many pupils have particular skills outside the usual definitions of ability. We therefore also encourage and reward those pupils who, for example are good at helping others, noticing when other children are upset and supporting them and so on.

Throughout the School a wide range of teaching methods and strategies are used to ensure that all pupils achieve well in relation to their capability. We are committed to matching what is taught and how it is taught to the pupils’ abilities and aptitudes.

Gifted and talented pupils  need support and encouragement to make progress at their pace. At Adcote provision for this is built into the curriculum, for example, with differentiated ‘focus classes’ in English and Maths in the Junior School.

The school provides a varied program of extra-curricular activities. As part of this program pupils participate in many pursuits, such as horse-riding, Jiu-Jitsu, fencing, Mandarin Chinese, singing, music lessons and gymnastics. The school has a strong sporting tradition, with an active fixture list and is known in the area for its prowess at gymnastics. Drama is another area of outstanding success for the school. The formation of a gardening club has led to the creation of Gold Medal winning gardens in national shows. A group from Year 10 enter the Young Enterprise business competition.  The school enters pupils for all rounds of the UK Mathematics Trust Maths Challenge. We  run the Duke of Edinburgh scheme each year for a number of senior girls. The school also offers opportunities within the Combined Cadet Force (CCF).

Adcote Girls have been very successful in the English Speaking Board (ESB) exams (in the Senior School) and Lamda exams (in the Junior School). These exams focus on communication skills and pupils entering the exams develop valuable communication & presentation skills as well as gaining in confidence in the process.

Gifted and Talented runs in the same way in the Sixth Form as in previous year groups but Adcote pupils experience further support sessions including Oxbridge preparation and practice for specific university entrance exams. There is also the option of further enriching A Level studies with, for example, the EPQ or BTEC qualifications.

As well as providing appropriate support in school, it is vital that gifted and talented students have a range of external supports to help them achieve their full potential.

 As parents, you can help support your daughter in a number of ways:

  • Providing an effective learning environment at home
  • Ensuring your daughter reads widely
  • Taking an active interest in their school work (including prep)
  • Encouraging discussion and questioning about their education
  • Visiting museums, galleries and exhibitions
  • Providing a suitable range of information/resource material to study from
  • Praising achievement and progress
  • Providing the opportunities for extra-curricular development
  • Actively encouraging their hobbies