Adcote has an excellent academic reputation. Adcotians continue to achieve consistent academic success, and we were again delighted with the results achieved in public examinations by our pupils last year. As a school we have high expectations and standards. However, we are keen to ensure that girls receive a broad and balanced education, and that they undertake a wide range of educational experiences aimed at enriching and extending their abilities and understanding.

Drawing on over a century of experience, we aim to develop the unique gifts of each girl by providing an environment through which all our pupils will flourish. Our aim at Adcote is to ensure that every girl is challenged and encouraged to make the most of every opportunity and always to do the best they can.

Confidence and independence are encouraged as soon as girls enter the School. They are introduced to a wide range of academic subjects and outside interests.

The School has around 240 pupils, of whom 40% are boarders. Visitors frequently comment that Adcote pupils seem happy, confident and at ease with themselves and each other. This has been recognised by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) following their most recent inspection.