Would you like your daughter to be able to lead?

The world is changing for women.

As an all girls school, we feel we have a particular responsibility to supply the next generation of women leaders with all the skills, qualities and, importantly, the self-belief they will need so that they can truly break the glass ceiling.

Academic qualifications are central to the initial success of young women. They enable them to access the courses of their choice so that they can access the career of their choice. However, how they progress in their career is often down to far, far more than a set of certificates.

Girls will need confidence, engagement and resilience in whichever occupation they decide to follow, but it is likely that the more they are successful in their professions, the more they will need to lead. Initially, they will need to lead themselves, to be able to work independently but also to be effective members of collaborative teams. Thereafter, as they build their career, they will need to show leadership in a variety of ways, to model good practice and inspire others to follow their direction.

At Adcote, our work-related learning activities build the necessary skills to lead effectively and with impact.

For all girls, we hold our unique Challenge Days once a term. Girls enjoy the wide variety of tasks they are asked to complete and fully understand that the activities are designed to develop all aspects of the CLEAR learning programme but specifically, leadership. Our Challenge Days are all different but learning through the outdoors is always an important feature of them. Previous activities have included “dengineering”, bushcraft, orienteering and, perhaps their favourite, dismantling a car engine. Some challenges take place indoors, such as writing and publishing a book in a day, weaving or bridge construction.

Our older girls can develop their leadership skills through our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Combined Cadets Force and our own bespoke learning through the outdoors programme called Wayfarers. 

Senior girls also lead within the school in their roles as Prefects and House Captains. School council means that students’ voices of all ages are heard and girls from all sections of the school often lead whole school initiatives in response to ideas raised.

Younger girls experience leadership through roles of responsibility, with experience of senior leadership coming at the end of the prep school. The Head Girl and her team hold minuted meetings with a view to implementing new initiatives. All forms have captains and it is their responsibility to lead and manage their class in a variety of ways, including presentations in assemblies.