Do you think your daughter is not as engaged as she should be?

Girls at Adcote do not access their mobile phones during the school day and instead engage with each other and the world around them.

Adcote girls are good-hearted. They respect each other and their staff, and engage exceptionally well with their learning, leading to a lively, purposeful and fun atmosphere in class where discipline issues are not a problem. Feeling secure in class means that our girls tend to take more risks with their learning, venturing answers more readily, challenging themselves to reach new heights in their understanding. We promote kindness and courtesy, ensuring that girls have a full understanding that how they treat others will inform how they are treated themselves.

Adcote students have a keen awareness of the challenges faced by those less fortunate than themselves. This means that they devote a generous portion of their time to devising and implementing projects to raise money or organising events to bring comfort or entertainment to others. There are several annual fund raising activities, including the popular Race For Life event, which is enormously enjoyed by the girls, their parents and the staff and serves as a yearly reminder of the closeness of the Adcote community.

Our PSHE programme ensures that girls have a strong understanding of current affairs and visiting speakers give them an informed and personal account of key issues. We encourage off site trips to provide expert, first hand understanding of a topic of study. We also have a wide range of extra-curricular visits for the girls to enjoy together and our annual ski trip is always oversubscribed, as are our visits to Christmas Markets both at home and abroad.

We teach British values but as we educate girls from all over the world, our students have a full knowledge of other cultures and traditions. This global diversity offers our students a reflection of the working environment they are likely to encounter in their careers.

Engaging together with a common sense of purpose means that Adcote girls make strong, sympathetic and lasting relationships with those around them and they grow into responsible and caring citizens.