Do you worry about your daughter’s level of confidence?

We have an unrivalled reputation for building the right sort of confidence in young people.

Our small classes and homely setting mean that we know all our girls really well. Thus, they feel truly valued and of importance. We have an atmosphere of mutual respect and our approach is to develop students through positive encouragement, for when a girl’s self-esteem is high, she will rise more readily to challenge.  In this way, she will achieve far more than she often imagines, whatever her age.

Nothing quite builds confidence like feeling valued as part of a team. That you matter. Fewer students in our school means that all our girls have an opportunity to take part in whole school activities and events, whether that’s being a member of a sports team, or singing in one of our many choirs or taking a part on stage or behind the scenes in our school play.  We enter many competitions such as the STEM Challenge, Maths Challenge or the Bloodhound Rocket Challenge and our victories mean that our girls’ self-belief soars and because everyone knows each other so well, the whole school feels uplifted by their wins.

For girls who need to have their confidence built in a more personalised way, we have more individual programmes to encourage them such as LAMDA, school debating classes and in-house presentations, from assemblies to EPQ in the Sixth Form.

Our tailored support, girl-centric delivery and attitude of warmth and encouragement mean that our girls’ self-worth is high. Visitors to our school unfailingly comment on the personable nature of our students, including school inspectors who reported that our girls were “articulate, polite and their behaviour is exceptionally good.”