After lots of training and practice sessions our Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award students finally got into the water and started paddling on their four-day 125km canoeing expedition down the River Wye.

“It turned out to be some trip! Probably one of the toughest we have seen in recent years,” said Mr Farmer who was overseeing the feat.

“The river levels were low, meaning there was little flow to help the girls along. It also meant that, without clever steering, the boats easily ran aground. That meant getting out and pushing – wet feet from the start!

“The sun shone the whole way down the 125km route. It was hard work. By day four the team looked pretty proficient as they arrived at Symonds Yat and prepared for some fun on the Symonds Yat rapids. Many adventures had been had along the way.

“To complete the award in the next 12 months the girls still need to complete physical, skill and volunteering challenges and do a residential. Good luck girls – you can do it!”