Our curriculum is designed to be high impact. We aim to make the biggest possible improvement in exam performance, in the shortest possible time. To maximise results, we use a unique methodology that combines focused tuition with a data-driven approach.

Subject Tuition

Whilst most revision courses feature 20 hours of subject tuition, we provide 30. This intensive tuition is delivered in small groups to provide a high degree of individual attention. Our tutors focus their lessons on individual examination units, with careful adherence to the specification. Lessons are geared towards exam technique, previous exam questions and subject material. 

Exam Practice 

Excellent subject knowledge does not necessarily translate into outstanding grades. To really excel, students need to demonstrate that knowledge in exams. We integrate regular exam practice into our curriculum, so that students can gain familiarity with questions and the exam environment. Detailed feedback on exam answers enables students to iron out weaknesses and maximise results. 

Study Skills 

We provide daily study skills sessions to equip students with the mindset, skillset and toolset necessary to optimise their revision time and unleash their academic potential:

  • Time management, prioritising and deadlines
  • Revision plans and notes
  • Essay and exam techniques
  • Concentration, breaks and stress management
  • Memorisation techniques 

Social Activities

Exam season can be a pressurised time for students. In order to maximise their potential, it is essential that students have mechanisms for managing stress. Good rest makes for effective work. We provide daily social activities where students can unwind and make new friends, in an environment supervised by our staff.

  • Quiz Nights 
  • Film Nights 
  • Karaoke
  • Sports

Trips (optional extras)

Residential students will have the opportunity to visit Cambridge University, do some sightseeing and meet professors to gain insight into UK university life and the application process. Activities will include punting along the river Cam and a candlelit dinner in a Cambridge hall.