Girls at Adcote School have excelled in technical subjects such as science and further maths as they aim for careers in traditionally male-dominated workplaces.

They will take up places at elite universities such as Cambridge and Imperial College to study sciences and mathematics, proving that girls only education creates a robust learning environment for so-called STEM subjects.

Two years ago I wouldn't even have dared think about going to Cambridge, even less make it my dream. I want to say thank you for the opportunity that Adcote has given me, for the ever enthusiastic teachers and for their kindness and support, which gave me courage to reach what I had considered unreachable.

Alicia Szalapak

achieved the grades she needed to follow her dream of studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge (3A* 1A)

We are proud to announce another successful set of A Level equivalent results including 50% at A* and A grade.

Over 50% of students got A*/A in A Level maths and further maths. Three quarters of AS maths students gained A with many achieving 100/100 on individual units.

We also have girls headed for Durham, and the Universities of Manchester and Warwick.

In a climate of increasing competition and rigour in the examination system, this is a truly pleasing set of results, proving that Adcote girls work hard, cope well with pressure and succeed where others might not.

We are especially thrilled for Alicia Szalapak who will go to Cambridge University and Tianfang Tong (also with 3A* and 1A), who is headed for UCL to study Chemistry. Yanqi Chen has guaranteed her place at Imperial College to study Mathematics with 2A* and 2As and Paulina Michor has satisfied the requirement to study Neuroscience at UCL with her 3As and one A*. Olga Unigovska achieved 3A* and one B, also securing her place at UCL (Economics and East European Studies). These results are truly impressive and a well deserved outcome.

We congratulate all of our students and wish them all the best for their futures.

Diane Browne