Enabling girls to become their best since 1907

Adcote is the only girls-only independent school from ages seven to 18 in the whole of Shropshire. Our headmistress Diane Browne believes passionately in the potential of single-sex education to drive up girls’ results.

We excel in STEM subjects and a high proportion of our pupils succeed in continuing these at elite universities.

Classroom learning is enriched and balanced by extra-curricular clubs (40-plus to choose from). With former professional musicians and dancers leading our music and drama departments, our performance standards are unfailingly high.

Our gymnastics teams regularly top UK national competitions and this year clinched first place in all under-9 and under-11 team and individual events at the ISA National Gymnastics Competition, which we were honoured to host in our new sports hall.

“We give girls opportunities for leadership and uninhibited participation in all areas and at all levels,” said Mrs Browne. “Every girl at Adcote, when she leaves the school, should feel she has achieved all she can both academically and intellectually.”