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Junior School

Welcome to Adcote Juniors

These are the key elements that make learning at Adcote a positive and memorable experience. The pastoral support along with a varied curriculum in the Junior School provides girls with a nurturing environment in which they flourish both academically and creatively. The broad curriculum ensures that they have a rounded foundation for future academic studies. Girls can enter the Junior School at the age of 7 and after the age of 11 they enter the Senior School. Parents find that the small classes allow pupils to flourish and excel. Kindness and courtesy are strong features of the ethos of the Junior School.

Small class sizes mean that we know every child and how to get the best from her academically, be that stretching the more able or tailoring support in a way that best matches an individual’s learning style. Daily focus classes in English, Maths and in Games mean that even greater support or extension is available to pupils.

As your daughter progresses through the school, she will gradually be introduced to additional facilities and opportunities beyond the classroom. When your daughter leaves the Junior School at the end of Year 6, she will be well prepared for the transition to the Senior School. Our Junior pupils will already be familiar with the environment and staff in the Senior School thereby enabling a smooth transition.

For busy parents, our school hours are flexible. Children arriving at 8.00am are supervised and breakfast is available. At the end of the school day there is a supervised prep and activities until 5.55pm, followed by supper if required.