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International Students

We are fortunate that Adcote is its own multi-cultural community, with around a third of our pupils from overseas.  We welcome pupils and staff from over twenty countries from around the world and they bring a wealth of cultural diversity into Adcote. We are careful to maintain a equal balance of pupils from different parts of the globe. Our international students are fully integrated into School life and are made to feel very much part of the family.

We welcome and encourage opportunities for girls to share in each others cultural events, for example Chinese New Year celebrations, themed social evenings and cultural assemblies led by the pupils. Adcote arranges a wide variety of cultural events and visits as well as giving overseas pupils a varied taste of the ‘British way of life’.

Pupils from overseas make a very significant contribution to life at Adcote and are very welcome. Their welfare and happiness far from home is very important to us. We think it is an equally good thing for English children to make friends from different parts of the world, and to gain an insight into different cultures and customs, as it is for children from overseas to have English friends and to experience England. If overseas parents are are looking for a British boarding school which delivers ‘traditional excellence’ in every sense of the word, then Adcote School is the answer.

Studying for English Exams and Higher Education

An outstanding EFL department provides specialist academic and pastoral support to all international pupils as required.All students are tested and a personal programme is designed. Tuition is either individual or in small groups.The EFL staff also offer support and advice to students coping with integration into boarding school life. EFL is provided three times a week at no extra charge.

The full range of core subjects and options that we offer is open to all overseas students to meet their needs and to develop their interests. Students in the Sixth Form are prepared well for British and overseas universities, and offered individual advice on courses and careers.

Short Term Students

We also have a tradition of students studying with us, usually for a year, but some just for a term. They use their time at Adcote, not only to improve their English, but to develop responsibility and initiative – and of course to make good friends. In recent years, students from Austria, Germany, France and Spain have enjoyed their time with us and made excellent contributions to school life.

Pastoral Care

Students from overseas have particular and special needs and requirements. Above all they need to be assisted with the demands of boarding school life so far away from home. To begin with pupils may miss family and friends; there will be new expectations, and a change of culture; there maybe difficulties with the language. We provide each student with a personal tutor to offer friendship and support, and to help with all these things and to keep in touch with the family.

Location and Travel

Adcote is located in the heart of England – literally in the Midlands. The ancient and historic town of Shrewsbury, only fifteen minutes away by road, is situated less than three hours journey from London, and only one hour from Birmingham and an hour and a half from Manchester.

All travel arrangements are coordinated through a local, trusted taxi company, who will ensure that overseas girls are met at airports or train stations as required and brought to Adcote safely. We will help you with accommodation as and when you are able to visit us.

Life beyond Adcote

We are quite an adventurous school, and we like to make sure that our girls experience much more than the school environment and classroom teaching. This is especially important for overseas girls so that they develop their knowledge of English institutions such as Parliament, English culture through music and drama at Birmingham and Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon, and English towns and countryside such as York and The Eden Project or Hadrian’s Wall. We regularly run visits to places like these.