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Pupils can arrive from 8 am for registration at 8.35 am which is followed by school assembly three days a week. However, if, in exceptional circumstances, you need to bring children in before this, please seek permission as supervision is not usually available before this time.

There are morning and afternoon breaks. A drink of squash or a cup of tea is provided (for Seniors), and also biscuits or other snacks (including fruit).

There are three sittings for lunch. First sitting is for Junior pupils, with two later sittings for Senior girls. The Darby Restaurant menus are available for download. Vegetarians and children with food allergies or who are on special diets are fully catered for.

Wrap around care is very important, the day girls are supervised from 8am and are offered a wide selection of activities until 6pm

Supervised prep is a very important element of afterschool care. Younger girls are given help with their spellings, maths and they are heard read whilst older pupils have the flexibility to use the ICT suites or can have additional teaching input. 

Prep can cause a great deal of stress in many households which Adcote aims to eliminate.

Day girls may stay for supper. Day pupils are always welcome to board on an ad-hoc basis and the boarding house staff are happy to answer any queries you might have regarding this option.