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Eco Club

Adcote Eco-School



What is an Eco School?

An Eco School is a school that is making an effort to –

There is an international Eco Schools programme and Adcote are hoping to be gain the top award of the Green Flag.

More information on the Eco Schools Scheme can be found at

To become an Eco School a school has to produce an Eco Plan – and then be reviewed by one of the Eco School inspectors.

Our Eco Team

Leading the way to become an Eco School is our Eco Team.    Eco Team members work together as a team to promote eco-friendly initiatives within the school.   

The School has a Junior and Senior Eco Team.

The Eco Team has a lot of support from the Headmaster , the Bursar,  other staff and parents.    Becoming an Eco School has to be a whole team effort.

What have we done so far?

Even before we started our Eco Club the School recycled paper, glass and cans.

Information we produce

Our Eco Code

We worked with the School Council to create an Eco Code.   Our Eco Code is put in every class to encourage eco friendliness to help us achieve the Green Flag.  We currently have achieved the Silver Flag. We also have an Eco Code for the Boarding Houses. Click here for our Eco Code.

What we want to do in the future

We are now trying to introduce a new waste disposal system that will encourage producing less waste.  We recycle glass, cans and paper but the rest of our waste is mixed and thrown away.  We want to start separating card, plastic and food waste.  The food waste would be used to generate energy as it would go to a bio digester.

Carry on trying to be greener!!