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  1. Tuesday16th September

    9:30am - OPEN DAY 10:00am - Techniquest - Stardrome 1:15pm - Senior School Gough Society 1:15pm - Gifted and Talented Committee Meeting 4:15pm - Headmaster's Tea for Junior & Senior Prefects
  2. Wednesday17th September +

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  4. Friday19th September +

  5. Saturday20th September +

  6. Sunday21st September +

  7. Monday22nd September +

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Open Day – Tuesday 16th September

Come along to our Open Day on Tuesday 16th September from 9.30am – 4.30pm. Pupil numbers at the school have increased three-fold over the last few years, the school is investing in facilities and pupils have achieved the best academic results for years. There is much to celebrate at Adcote!

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